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Stay Organized

Keeping organized is key to being productive.  Stay on top of your quotes with Plantangible’s ability to sort all your jobs by status. Plantangible even lets you make copies of current jobs.

Be Flexible

Each job created in Plantangible can be broken down into unlimited sections.  These sections can be hidden, allowing you to quickly customize a project to your customers’ satisfaction while maintaining the original quote.

Add a Product, Use it Everywhere

When you create a product, Plantangible will store the information to your account.  No more combing through spreadsheets to find prices, simply start typing the product name and Plantangible will auto-populate the information into any estimate.  You can even attach vendor information for easy ordering.

Auto-Calculate Costs and Markup

No calculator required! Plantangible will do it all for you, from cost of labor and materials to tax and markup. This feature is broken down by section so you have control over each aspect of your job.

Clean, Professional Print Option

Simply click print and Plantangible will format a clear, concise quote to hand to your customer.  Want to go paperless? You can even save your quote as a digital file to email to clients.

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"Adjusting and tracking my jobs in Plantangible has been awesome. I can easily see the status of any quote and adjust the quote in seconds based on my client’s needs. Once I start a job, Plantangible makes it easy for me to compare what I estimated and my real cost. I am now producing estimates that are more profitable.”

Toby Rogers

Handy Man Services

“Plantangible allows me to provide great customer service; I am now converting over 50% more of my estimates into paying jobs. With Plantangible, estimates that used to linger for days on my desk are now to my clients literally hours after I meet with them onsite. The clean quote that I’m able to quickly provide to my clients reinforces that I am the right person for the job!!”

Bud Jackson

Painting Contractor

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30 days. No credit card, no commitment.

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